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Risk Management

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Counties exist to provide services for their communities. As service providers, public entities are exposed to potential losses from various sources. If these risks are not properly managed, the entity may lose its ability to effectively meet its service obligations.

Because Utah Counties Indemnity Pool is owned and governed by counties, we are not in it to make a profit. As such, we work hard to keep fees minimal by helping to lower risk and prevent claims against counties. To do that, we provide on-going training and alerts about all potential risks and problems that can occur when county buildings, vehicles, and other assets are in use.

We believe strongly in the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At the Pool we invest in quality outside educators and systems to teach member employees and stewards of county assets the best and latest practices of safety and security.

UCIP members have access to a wide variety of risk management resources, each focusing on the education and training needs of county employees and elected officials. We hold training workshops throughout the year to ensure our members are informed on legislative updates, safety concerns and best practices among counties. In addition, UCIP partners with affiliate groups to give members additional online and live training opportunities.

In an effort to meet the individual training needs of our members, we provide customized, onsite training to county employees and officials. UCIP also makes on-demand training courses available, designed specifically to address issues facing county governments, assist them in managing future loss, and help them provide safer work environments.



UCIP provides many risk management services to its members. Aggressive risk management creates safer worksites and facilitates rate stability without the volatility of commercial insurers. A wealth of information is provided to Pool members on how protect your entity from cyber threats and, if an incident should occur, how to minimize the damage. Also included in the Portal is a news service, a learning center, and a directory of specialty resources that can help members with different aspects of their cyber risk management program.

County Volunteer Protection

County Volunteer Protection
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eRisk Hub

Knowing that a breach is almost inevitable—and the cost potentially devastating—there are things you can do to help protect yourself from a data breach:

  1. Keep informed about evolving risks and changing regulations.

  2. Get aggressive with their IT security and privacy defenses.

  3. Be proactive in planning their response.

Please note that you will have to log in separately to the eRisk Hub. The user name and password are the same used for ClaimZone Reporter.

On-Site Surveys

One effective way to make an assessment of your county’s risk exposures is to have a Risk Management Representative from UCIP conduct an on-site survey. During an on-site survey, the Representative can help discover potential sources of liability and safety deficiencies UCIP can recommend cost-effective methods to prevent accidents, promote safety, and reduce the overall exposure to accidental losses for your county.

Safety, Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Services

UCIP provides consultation services to its members to assist with health and safety issues for employees, citizens, and the environment. Public entities are obligated to know and comply with Federal, State, and local occupational and environmental laws. However, the number and complexity of these laws can catch public officials off-guard. UCIP can assist your county with Risk Management Training.

Contact Johnnie Miller at (801) 307-2114 to schedule training.


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